Show Organizers

IES is providing its expertise as a show Manager for the B2B Exhibitions & Conferences for the Associations, NGO, Government, Institutions, and International Exhibition Organizersto make their Exhibition and Conference a success.

We have the 14 years of experience in organizing the exhibition and conference s in various sectors .We work with the orgnazies as their show manager to reduce the stress and pressure of organizing and running a exhibition and conference leaving the organizer and team to get on with their everyday work.

IES are able to successfully organize and manage your event from conception to completion and ensure everything runs smoothly. .We have worked with companies both large and small including multinational companies, government agencies, associations and federations.No matter how big or small conference or exhibition we are happy to give you a free quote and to discuss your requirements Do you have an internationally established show or planning to organize a b2b trade show? We have the skills and knowledge to make your event a success.

We welcome the opportunity to present our services to you, and are readily available to answer all your inquiries. We provide following services to organizers

Exhibition Management

  • Exhibition and Conference Marketing
  • Exhibition Space Selling
  • Show Manager
  • Consultancy
  • Representative
  • Facilitation
  • Mobilization
  • On Site Management
  • Booth Design and Construction
  • Graphic Design
  • Photocopying Services
  • Emergency First Aid – Ambulance
  • Licenses, Clearances, Approval and Permissions
  • Local Travel
  • Venue, Site Insurance

Conference Management

  • Event Promotion
  • In-house Conferences
  • Protocol
  • Inaugural Function
  • Valedictory Function
  • Photography
  • Press Releases
  • Mementos
  • Food and Beverage Services
  • Catering, Lunch and Cocktail Dinner
  • Audio Visual Equipments
  • Visitors, Delegate Registration
  • Girl Guide
  • Delegate Kit
  • Printing Soveniour and Other Material
  • Photography and Videographi
  • Multimedia
  • Online Delegate Registration

Advertising Publicity & Promotion

  • Visitor Promotion
  • Telemarketing and Telecalling
  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Direct Mailing Visitor Promotion
  • PR Activities
  • Send press releases to all media people
  • Identify the trade journals in the territory
  • Media and Public Relations Activity
  • Create footsteps for the event through visitor promotion
  • Send regular shows updates
  • Update the trade press, magazines and journals
  • Release Advertisement in Indian and Abroad
  • Media Coverage


  • Conference, Exhibition Venue Finding
  • Deal with speakers and special guests needs
  • Manage onsite registration and badge production
  • Co-ordinate with all suppliers and companies involved with the event
  • Produce all documentation, welcome packs, badges, signage etc.
  • Organize road show or seminars to promote the shows and to develop awareness among Indian exporters and traders regarding the Organizers, and the shows organized by them in India.
  • Barter arrangement for the organizers to create a presence for the show / event in India with Magazines, Journals as well as relevant show organizers in India
  • Communicate with prospective exhibitors, association and Government
  • Map the market and acquire the database.
  • Prepare Fact Sheet to disseminate the information about the fair.